Racing Updates

  • The Stewards, RCTC have decided to advance the Third Day of the Calcutta Monsoon Meeting from Wednesday, 30th July to Monday, 28th July 2014 and postpone the Fourth Day Monsoon Meeting from Saturday, 2nd August to Sunday, 3rd August 2014.   29-Jul-2014 07:39am
  • Mysore Races Scheduled to be held on Wednesday 4th June 2014 have been cancelled owning to paucity of acceptors.   02-Jun-2014 10:33pm
  • Mysore Summer Races scheduled for Wednesday 21st May have been postponed to Tuesday 27th May, 2014.   14-May-2014 10:15pm
  • The first two days of Bangalore Summer season scheduled to start from May 17th and 18th, 2014 have been postponed to 24th & 25th May, 2014.   14-May-2014 10:11pm
  • Due to the heavy rain in Delhi, races scheduled for 21st Jan, 2014 have been cancelled and postponed to 24th Jan, 2014 with New Race Card.   21-Jan-2014 02:06pm

Upcoming Race Days

Date Race Day Track
Sat, 02-Aug-2014 Day - 03 Pune
Sun, 03-Aug-2014 Day - 05 Hyderabad
Sun, 03-Aug-2014 Day - 04 Kolkata
Sun, 03-Aug-2014 ( Special Day ) Pune
Mon, 04-Aug-2014 Day - 06 Hyderabad
Wed, 06-Aug-2014 Day - 05 Kolkata
Thu, 07-Aug-2014 Day - 25 Bangalore
Fri, 08-Aug-2014 Day - 26 Bangalore
Sat, 09-Aug-2014 Day - 04 Pune
Sun, 10-Aug-2014 Day - 07 Hyderabad
Tue, 12-Aug-2014 Day - 06 Kolkata

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