RacingTips FAQs

What is Speed Calculation?
Speed Calculation is a method of analysis developed with the help of comprehensive inputs from experts of Horse Racing to estimate the performance of a Horse using probability and mathematical calculations. It indicates the performance of a Horse taking into consideration falls rails, winner time, class changes, odds, back laps and weight changes. This method was built on the idea of 'Average Estimated Analysis' which is derived from mathematical calculations developed by an expert group of theorists.
Does the software give betting tips?
The software itself does not provide any tips for betting on Horse races but would surely help the subscriber to help him/her with various data that will be potentially useful for guessing the future results with improved probability of winning a bet.
Does RacingTips guarantee a win?
While our calculations are accurate in the best possible way, the circumstance on the race day and real time dynamics may play a role and alter the results. Although extreme care has been taken to factor in all such possibilities yet we do not guarantee any kind of wins, nor are we liable for any losses incurred due to a bet made using our calculations.
I am not very good at computers, can I use the portal?
Yes, you are good enough to find our FAQ webpage and browse through our questions which mean that you would not be facing any major trouble with our portal. RacingTips requires only basic browsing skills. It is very simple and easy to learn.
What all information can I look for from RacingTips?
RacingTips provides you with the minimum, maximum and average speed of every Horse in every race held across the country. These speeds are calculated taking into consideration multiple factors so as to give you the most accurate outputs and help you in making a well informed decision. Other than this you can find latest news, fixtures for future events and listings for all the races held recently and in the past.
What is/are the requirements to use RacingTips services?
Nothing much. A steady internet connection with moderate speed and an internet browser would be required to use our services.
Does RacingTips provide any other flexibility?
The data generated by RacingTips is dynamic i.e. stored in rows and columns and can be arranged as per requirement with a single click. For e.g., you can arrange the data for every race in order of any of the features like the Horse No, Pedigree, Owner’s name, Trainer, Jockey, Weight, Allow, Rating, Minimum Speed, Maximum Speed or Average. This will help you to analyze every race from each and every angle possible.
Can I print copy of the race card available on RacingTips?
Yes. Surely you are allowed to take print copy of the information available on RacingTips but in case you are using the software as a subscriber of the product then make sure the data is not used by any third party other than you. Kindly destroy the print copy after using it. Also being concerned about environment we would urge you to save a copy of the data in your mobile phone rather than wasting paper for printing copy of it.
I am under 18 years old. Can I subscribe to RacingTips?
No. Any person below the age of 18 years cannot have access to our member's area and cannot subscribe to any of our services.
Will I get refund if I unsubscribe from RacingTips?
Kindly note that RacingTips would not be entitled for any kind of refund caused due to whatsoever the problem might be. So in case of unsubscribing from our service we would not be able to refund you the balance amount whatsoever it may be.